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Pencoedtre Learning  Community

Our Purpose:
A place where 3-18 lifelong learning provision is driven by the Community for the Community.

PLC behaviours and Community Values:

Be Respectful    |   Be Inclusive   |    Be Aspirational … to flourish as a collective learning community.

Our Vision:

Together we will create an inclusive, safe and enabling community where relationships flourish. We will strive to ensure that every child and every family in our community can grow and aspire to achieve their dreams and passions.


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Strategic Aims:

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Our Pencoedtre Learning Community realises that in order to improve wellbeing, attendance and progress in learning for all of our learners we need to forge strong, positive relationships and rapport with our parents / carers.


‘It takes a whole village to raise a child’
‘If we understand that it takes a village to raise a child, then we must also understand that it takes that same village to support the adults of the village to raise the children…’

Every individual school in our Pencoedtre Learning Community has a family engagement team and a dedicated ‘family engager’ who support families through induction and transition. The team will advocate on behalf of families, represent and support them at various Professional’s meetings and liaise closely with the schools ALNCo in order to inform them of the progress of the assessment at regular intervals.


Our Family Engagers are emotionally available adults that support our families throughout their child’s learning experiences at our schools. If you are concerned about your child, you are encouraged to approach a member of the team to discuss any worries so that support can be offered, or we can signpost you to another agency.


The Family Engagement Team have 3 core areas to strengthen -  Enriching our learners curriculum offer, Engagement with multiagency, Parent and Community engagement offer.



Our Family Engagers are:

Hannah Cogbill - PLC Community Manager

Kelly Borge and Michelle Jacobsen – Oak Field Family Engager

Natasha Cockram and Sarah Roderick – Cadoxton Family Engager

Ruth Morris – Jenner Family Engager

Amanda Kayani – Colcot Family Engager

Tracy Hopkins – Holton Family Engager

Angie Homer – Pencoedtre Family Engager

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