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Reporting illness

  • If your child is unwell and unable to come to school, please notify the office (01446744606) or contact your child’s class teacher via Seesaw.  

  • If your child is not in school and we have not been told why we will send you a text at 9:30am reminding you to contact school and let us know why your child is off.  

  • If we do not hear back from you, we will try to contact you via the school phone (07432148732). 

  • If no reason is given for their absence, when your child returns a reason will need to be given. 

  • If your child has been off for 3 days and NO reason has been given to school or contact made, then a member of the senior leadership or family engagement teams will visit to check in and see how we can support you.  

  • If a reason for your child’s absence HAS been given such as for sickness or illness and your child hasn’t attended for 5 school days in a row a member of staff will visit to check in and offer support.  

    Exclusion periods for common infections: 

    Oak Field Primary follow the guidance set by Public Health Wales regarding the time children need to stay away from school if they have a common infection.  

    Please see below the recommended guidance:  

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