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The Big Bocs Bwyd

“A community thriving not surviving”

Every child will become food literate by growing, cooking and learning about food.



Project Objectives and Desired Outcomes

The BBB hubs comprise of an attractive ‘Pay as You Feel’ shop in a modified shipping container, additional secure storage (smaller container), raised beds and a small group meeting space. Some school communities also have additional growing spaces, woodlands, poly tunnels, beehives etc. that enhance the BBB shops. We are committed to diversity and the inclusion of the environment by focusing on working towards our goals. All of these objectives aligned will connect our communities and help them to thrive and flourish.  


The BBB school communities aims to address the following:

  • Respond to the rising cost of living crisis

  • Provide a wraparound service, as well as food, to help people move out of the situation they are in (working in collaboration with external stakeholders and multi-agencies e.g. Housing support)

  • Measurably reduce food waste

  • Contribute to the reduction of food poverty/food insecurity via the ‘Pay As You Feel’ shop

  • Help improve nutritional intake

  • Help improve the wellbeing of the families who use the BBB

  • Increase parental involvement in ways that suit them (e.g., buying from the ‘Pay As You Feel’ shop, volunteering with food growing aspects of the projects etc.)

  • To share lessons learnt with the next phase of BBB installation

To develop learning resources that will ensure BBBs become a focal point for experiential learning about food


Children ,their families and the wider community:

  • are food literate enabling them to make informed food choices [Reduce Food Waste / Circular Economy]

  • have access to nutritious food contributing to improved health & well-being [Food Poverty / Cost of Living Crisis]

  • engage in food projects to support community cohesion and reduce social isolation [Health and Wellbeing]

  • develop a range of skills, experiences and dispositions that enable them to thrive in their community [Skills Development]


Partnerships – 

  • Morrisons Community Champion

  • Gregg’s

  • Enterprise

  • Coop

  • Fareshare Cymru


WHY Good Food?

Research highlights the link between gut health and brain health. Our gut contains a second brain. The enteric nervous system lining the gut contains 100 million neurons. 90% of our serotonin comes from our gut, therefore is significantly influenced by what we eat. An imbalance in the gut microbiota can lead to behavioural issues such as hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. Eating ultra processed foods causes an imbalance in our gut. Therefore Big Bocs Bwyd encourages good food and healthier food choices to be made by our community.

Redistributing Food 

At Bocs Bwyd we re-distribute 400kg weekly from Fareshare Cymru and an additional 150kg from surplus food initiatives.

Quote - 

“We're able to get products to try that we wouldn't normally risk spending money on”.Oak Field Parent

Website -


Twitter - @BigBocsBwyd

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